Our story begins...with stories

Carla heard them whenever she wore the Miraculous Medal that had been gifted to her. Spotting the distinctive blue enamel image on a delicate pearl chain, friends, family, and even strangers shared their stories. “My mom had a medal just like that,” a young auto repair technician once told her as he worked on her car. He shared that his family was Catholic, but that he hadn’t been to Mass in years.

Carla wondered how many of these conversations sparked something deeper. Maybe a long forgotten prayer crossed the young man’s lips later on, and he began thinking more about his faith journey. Stories like these set Carla on a path, searching for contemporary jewelry pieces that would help people express their faith stories. She began creating a line of jewelry that would blend clean, modern designs with the inherent beauty and meaning of vintage religious medals.

The result is Modern Saint—fine jewelry that lets you express the beauty, power, and timelessness of your faith. Each Modern Saint piece can be layered with others from our collection, your own collection, or worn beautifully on its own. All of our pieces are prayerfully designed and lovingly made by hand in Los Angeles using only the best materials.

Our story is your story too! 

At Modern Saint, we believe that you are part of an immense, beautiful tapestry; a family of heroes, warriors, saints, and even sinners. By creating meaningful, stunning pieces, it’s our hope that you’ll be reminded of your larger family, and that you’ll draw others in, simply by wearing something beautiful that glorifies God.

When you wear a piece of Modern Saint jewelry, you show that you are one with Christ, along with countless strong saints like Mary, Joan of Arc, Monica, Francis, Catherine Labouré, Josephine Bakhita, Thérèse of Lisieux, and even powerful archangels like Gabriel and Michael. And you remind yourself that you have countless role models you can lean on and learn from; women and men who stood up for goodness and truth in great and small ways—just like you. Who knows what conversations you’ll have, and what lives might be changed simply because of one beautiful piece of jewelry you chose to wear today?